Fifteen Eleven is the culmination of our passion, knowledge and expertise.

Combined with over 40 years experience Fifteen Eleven, the bespoke design department of Mellors Elliot Motorsport, have the ability to create your vision for ultimate motoring.

We believe there are three key elements to every one of our projects:


The brief for all of our projects are designed around the requirements and vision of our client. Each one of our builds is unique in its approach, from a sympathetic restoration where every component is meticulously hand finished to a bespoke, handcrafted one off build, the clients initial vision is always the starting block.

Design and Manufacture

From sourcing original new old stock for concours restorations to using state of the art manufacturing techniques and exotic materials, Fifteen Eleven have the ability to create the clients vision whatever the requirement or design.


Whether the project is a speed machine destined for the track, or a restoration for use only on occasion, our attention for detail and customer satisfaction is fundamental to all our work at Fifteen Eleven.